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Who We Are

Breakthrough Academy

It is our pleasure to extend a very warm welcome to you! Thank you for visiting our online platform. Breakthrough Academy, Akute is a mixed, full-boarding, co-educational Christian primary school and secondary school for boys and girls from around the world. We are located at 5 – 7, Church Street & 143 / 145, Akute – Ajuwon Road, Adebayo B / Stop, Enroute Ojodu – Akute Or Anwo B / Stop Enroute Ajuwon – Akute, Ogun State, Nigeria . The school benefits from a wide range of superb facilities which include sporting and recreational facilities which make life at school home.

Beyond Academics

At Breakthrough Academy, we firmly believe in the total development of the child. It is the school's goal 'to raise fine, well-rounded, well-educated, well-cultured, respectable, and God-fearing future leaders' and we can only achieve that in an environment that is rich in activities within and outside the classroom. Activities that help children develop excellent social skills, good technical and 'hands-on' skills as well as a strong sense of community is best achieved through co-curricular activities which go 'beyond academics'.

Career Development

We equip our students with life changing seminars in during their stay in Breakthrough Academy. our methodology is not only based in the formal education, we go miles more to ensure our students are fully prepared for the future as we guide them in Christ's way towards choosing a perfect career path.
this can only be accomplished when our students are well positioned in their various careers, occupying positions where the full impact of their contributions to society will be felt by millions around the globe who will in return glorify God in them.

Club Activities

We are a member of Nigerian Red Cross Society, and Scout Association of Nigeria,and are blessed with a dynamic working team of Christians who have the fear of God. Breakthrough Academy lays much emphasis on the word of God through the teaching of spiritual prowess and everyday devotion including weekly staff fellowship. We also give our students spiritual training through termly conferences conducted by great ministers of God. Breakthrough Academy cares about every child, and treats each as a unique individual. Working hand-in-hand with our precious parents, we inculcate in our students/pupils deep morals to value and care for every member of the society including the less privileged..

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Our Teachers

The school only hires well-qualified, competent and experienced teachers with years of teaching experience both in Nigeria and abroad. Teachers are encouraged to upgrade their skills and update their knowledge on a regular basis.

It is mandatory that teachers undergo at least three training sessions in a year in areas such as teaching methodologies, use of technology in class and such related subjects. At Preston International School, we believe that the school can only be as good as its teachers. This is why we value our teachers very highly and this is reflected in their remuneration which includes a handsome welfare package and excellent professional development provision.

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2018/2019 ADMISSION







5 - 7, Church Street & 143 / 145,

Akute - Ajuwon Road, Adebayo B / Stop,

Enroute Ojodu - Akute Or Anwo B / Stop Enroute Ajuwon - Akute.

All Classes




Entrance Exam Date

 (1)  SATURDAY, 9th JUNE 2018

 (2)  TGURSDAY, 9th AUGUST 2018


      Time: 9.00a.m. Prompt



Books & Stationeries

To lessen the burden of shortage of essential textbooks on parents and to meet the needs of our pupils, books will always be available in the school for sale at reasonable prices.


  1. Pupils are expected to behave politely and show evidence of good breed at all times to all and sundry.
  2. Pupils in higher classes must be addressed as "Senior.................." and be treated with due respect.
  3. All Pupils should be present at all School Assemblies and Roll Calls.
  4. It is a very serious offence to cheat in examinations and tests.
  5. Stealing, however petty will be viewed with all seriousness, while it is an offence to bring huge sum of money to the school. No form of Banking and Finance is allowed in the school i.e. No borrowing, no lending or saving.
  6. On no circumstances should any pupil bring MOBILE PHONE to the school.

The Disciplinary Committee will punish all defaulters. All Breakthrough Nursery & Primary School Pupils are encouraged to live together in peace and harmony as members of the same family irrespective of Class, Creed and Religion. They should be pure in Thoughts, Words and Deeds.

Remember, "To Breakthrough, you, must be willing to go through"

Our rules and regulations

  • The school's morning assembly bell goes at 7.45a.m. Late coming is not allowed. The morning devotion as well as daily instructions given on the assembly ground is of vital importance to all – pupils and staff. Normal class ends at 4.00p.m except otherwise reviewed.
  • No loitering of any sort should be practiced in and around the school.
  • All pupils are to appear in school daily in their school uniform. Black shoe and black socks. Black belt for boys. All should appear neat, clean, tidy and smart. Flying of school shirt/blouse inside and outside the school compound is an offence. Always be conscious of your ideal and good dressing.
  • No pupil should be seen outside the school compound during the school hours except on official permission.
  • Pupils must attend all extra lessons (on Saturdays and Public holidays) fully kitted. (Complete uniform, socks, shoe and correct hair-do).
  • The followings are not allowed in the school and none of these should be found on any pupil at anytime:
    • Any type of dangerous weapons such as guns, knives, fire-arms, cutlass etc. either toy or real.
    •  Electronic items e.g. walk-man, radio cassettes, video games, mobile phones, programmable calculators, disc players and laptops.
    • Drugs and medicines of any kind except the one given by the school nurse.
    • Mufti wears.
    • Novel, comics and other related items that are not related to pupils course of study.
    • Pupils must not pay visits to friends in school uniforms nor visit other schools.
    • The school does not allow in any form of borrowing and lending or contributions and savings.
    • No student has any reason or excuse to engage in physical assault within or outside the school compound. All cases must be reported to the appropriate authority.
    • Click HERE to view our tentative school planner


Reasonable Fees

Our fees are very reasonable. The facilities that we have provided such as our VSAT internet facilities with exclusive
customized login platform for every parent to check results of assessment on our website,
standby generator (with additional back-up), boarding facilities with day and night security,
treated boreholes and lots more suggest a high fee paying school but the contrary is the case. This is on purpose.
We are positioned to offer affordable, cost-effective world class education to the average Nigerian family and as such,
our fees are moderate and comparably lower to similar schools.
Here at Breakthrough Academy, Akute, we give excellent value for money spent!
  • Breakthrough Academy School Anthem

    1. Arise great Breakthrough school
        The school of love and peace
        Rise and shine Great Breakthrough School (2ce)
        The school of Great Ambassadors (2ce)


       Breakthrough School, The success school
       Exist leaders of tomorrow
       Stand for your glory and virtues
       And be self reliant

    2. Oh, the students of Breakthrough school
        To build strong healthy nation,
        All scholars, all adults
        We will be the head, not tail


  • Breakthrough Children's School Anthem

    Arise O call to uplift Breakthrough School
    Always rise unto your success
    Discipline, punctuality and honesty is our watch word and we are proud of our glorious school (2ce)

  • Engineer S.O Fatuyi


    Vice Chairman

    School Administrator

    Principal, Senior School

    Principal, Junior School
  • MR. V. NYONG

    Vice Principal Senior School
  • MR. O. IDOWU

    Vice Principal Junior School

    Special Duties Officer 1

    School Bursar

Alumini Testimonials

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